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Keith Hanks & Nicole Hanks WeddingKeith Hanks is an Atlanta online marketing professional. Keith holds a BSBA from Bryant University (Smithfield, RI) in Computer Information Systems and Marketing. Mr. Hanks received his MBA from Providence College (Providence, RI) concentrated in Marketing where he completed a Master thesis titled Non-Traditional Marketing Impacting Multi-Collaborative Networks: Enabling Empowered Interactivity in the "MySpace Generation."

Professional: Keith is an Account Supervisor at Response Mine Interactive, focused on SEO and Paid Search >> Click for Background & Resume

Keith lives in Decatur, GA with his wife Nicole. They were married in October of 2008 at Rhodes Hall in Atlanta. The couple owns Hanks & Friends, LLC

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Non-Traditional Marketing Impacting Multi-Collaborative Networks - Enabling Empowered Interactivity in the "MySpace Generation" -- MBA Thesis Providence College

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Academic Background - Keith attended Bryant University where he received his BSBA in marketing and computer information systems (CIS). Mr. Hanks received his MBA from Providence College (MBA) and completed an MBA thesis


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