Non-Traditional Marketing Impacting Multi-Collaborative Networks


Part I: Understanding the Shift towards Social Networking Culture
Chapter 1: MySpace Generation Defined
Chapter 2: Understanding New Media
Chapter 3: Principles of Social Networking Communication

Part II: Tools Connecting the Marketer to the MySpace Generation
Chapter 4: Leveraging Non-Traditional Marketing
Chapter 5: The Concept of Search
Chapter 6: Navigating the Blogosphere

Part III: Illustrations of the MySpace Generation in Action
Chapter 7: Virtual Time Capsules: Tragedy and the MySpace Generation
Chapter 8: Process Concepts and Best Practices
Chapter 9: Illustrations of Best Practices

Thesis Statement:

The traditional marketing techniques successful in previous decades are not scalable in the new media landscape of today. Marketers that learn to interact with the MySpace Generation through opt-in campaigns on the customer ’s terms will ultimately win and will have the ability to influence culture. Creativity will triumph out over financial resources. This creativity will be scalable and reproducible to a company’s competition also targeting the MySpace Generation.

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